Welcoming Seven New Members

Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I,Ref-Canandaigua) and his colleagues today welcomed seven new members to the Minority Conference at a public swearing-in ceremony at the Legislative Office Building in Albany. The new legislators took their official oaths of office among family, friends, dignitaries and the media. The Hon. Ann Crowell, New York Supreme Court Justice, 4th Judicial District, presided over the event.
From Long Island to Western New York, the Conference’s newest members will bring extensive knowledge, skills and experience from their diverse backgrounds to the Assembly Chamber.
“It is an honor to welcome our newest Members to the Assembly Minority Conference. I look forward to working alongside the Conference’s newest dedicated men and women, and all of our returning incumbents, throughout the 2017 Legislative Session. Our constituents have put their trust in our hands; it is our responsibility to fight for them - the hard-working families, small businesses and communities we represent,” Leader Kolb said.
The seven new Assembly Republican Members are: 

  • Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, 94th Assembly District
  • Assemblyman Joseph Errigo, 133rd Assembly District
  • Assemblyman Brian Miller, 101st Assembly District
  • Assemblywoman Missy Miller, 20th Assembly District
  • Assemblyman Angelo Morinello, 145th Assembly District
  • Assemblyman Michael J. Norris, 144th Assembly District
  • Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, 112th Assembly District 

The new members are eager to work toward making New York an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

“New York has been heading in the wrong direction for years. Growth has been stagnant in our over-taxed, over-regulated economy. I will work hard to ensure residents of the 94thAssembly District and the state are given every chance to prosper,” said Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,Ref-Mahopac). “I will advocate for laws that protect public safety personnel, support first responders and guarantee the rights of law-abiding gun owners. I look forward to my time in the Assembly and am hopeful we can get New York back on track.”
“Being elected to represent the 133rd Assembly District and return to a Conference truly dedicated to improving the lives of New Yorkers is an honor,” said Assemblyman Joseph Errigo (R,C,I,Ref-Conesus). “As an Assemblyman, I will fight for increased state aid for farmers, a repeal of the SAFE Act, an end to the Common Core Standards and improved access to health care for seniors.” 
“Our students must be given every tool to succeed. The state’s egregious mishandling of the Common Core rollout has set them back and reforming our broken education system is a top priority for me. The residents of the 101st Assembly District and New York State deserve nothing less than a sound, equitable and robust education,” said Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I-New Hartford). “I will also fight to improve mental health services for our veterans, to whom we owe so much, and to combat the state’s opioid crisis that has destroyed families and communities.”
“Representing the 20th Assembly District, I will use my professional and volunteer experience working with the chronically ill to advocate for increased accessibility to programs for disabled children and adults,” said Assemblywoman Missy Miller (R,C,Ref-Atlantic Beach). “I will continue to fight for my constituents on statewide issues, including finding more ways to combat a growing heroin epidemic, increasing government transparency by instituting term limits for legislators and giving power back to school districts to choose their own curricula.”
“It is a great honor to serve the people of the 145th Assembly District and it is my duty to continue to make New York a better, more affordable place to live today and for future generations,” said Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R,C,I,Ref-Niagara Falls). “My diverse background in law, the judiciary and every-day life experiences has equipped me with the skills necessary to represent the people of this state and the very issues that impact their lives on a day-to-day basis.”
“My experience as legal counsel for towns in Western New York, and previous work as a staffer in the Senate and Assembly, will enable me to serve the constituents of the 144thAssembly District with an in-depth understanding of the major issues facing this state,” said Assemblyman Michael J. Norris (R,I-Lockport). “Albany is in need of real reform; I plan to fight for legislation that will impose stronger ethics reforms, create jobs by eliminating needless regulations suffocating businesses, and champion the protection of local home rule to create positive change toward New York’s future.”
“I am thrilled to have the chance to serve the residents of the 112th Assembly District. Together, we will face New York’s challenges head on, clean up the corruption that has hampered state government’s work and fight for common-sense economic reforms that provide assistance to those in need,” said Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C,I,Ref-Ballston). “There is much work to be done, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in order to advance meaningful, effective legislation that will benefit residents statewide.”

Editor’s Note: Biographies and photographs of the seven new Members are available upon request by calling the Office of Public Affairs at (518) 455-5073.
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