Today’s Passage Of Human Trafficking Legislation

“Assembly Minority members have called for passage of separate women’s equality bills for two years. Today, the Majority finally dropped their misguided all-or-nothing approach and stopped playing politics with historic reforms for women.
The human trafficking bill we unanimously passed today had more than 110 sponsors and overwhelming bipartisan support. Only 76 votes are needed to pass a bill. The fact that it took more than two years to reach the floor should serve as a reminder that we need drastic changes to the way we do business in the Assembly. Every day this bill lingered insulted the women of New York and the millions of New Yorkers who deserve more effective and efficient representation.
Minority-sponsored reforms would have brought this legislation to the floor long ago. Our reform package includes a proposal to allow every member of the Assembly to bring at least one bill to the floor in each legislative session. This measure fosters greater constituent representation and prevents the inexcusable delays we witnessed with the human trafficking legislation.
More women’s equality bills continue to linger. The Majority must consider these historic reforms immediately and continue to demonstrate that they have learned from their two-year mistake on women’s equality.”

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