The Sentencing Of Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos

“The sentencing of Dean Skelos would normally allow New Yorkers to turn the page on a story of public corruption. But today in Albany, turning the page only brings us to more corruption headlines.
Public opinion polls indicate that 97 percent of New Yorkers believe it is important to pass anti-corruption reforms before the end of session. The Assembly Minority Conference is in 100 percent agreement and has offered sweeping anti-corruption proposals that the Majority has inexcusably blocked or ignored.  
The state Assembly has passed 309 bills in 2016. We have honored teams and organizations, welcomed guests to the Chamber and voted on ceremonial resolutions. But we have done absolutely nothing to change the culture of corruption that is tearing down the very walls of the institution we serve.   
We have 15 session days remaining. The rest of the Legislature and the governor need to act. It is time that New York’s elected officials show their constituents that federal prosecutors aren’t the only ones interested in cleaning up the mess in Albany.”

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