The Sentencing Of Cuomo Aide Joe Percoco

“Joe Percoco’s sentencing is just another chapter in the never-ending story of corruption in Andrew Cuomo’s Albany. The governor’s longtime friend and most trusted aide is headed to prison, and more members of the Cuomo team will likely face the same fate in the near future.
The eight-week trial highlighted criminal activity at the highest levels of state government, and provided the public with a glimpse into the shady backroom deals and pay-to-play politics that have infected the Capitol and defined this administration. It is undeniable that state government has been put up for sale. Andrew Cuomo’s $31 million campaign war chest didn’t happen by accident, and didn’t happen without people going to jail.
At nearly every turn, the Cuomo Administration and the Assembly Democrats have stood in the way of real reforms while benefitting from the status quo. Even as corrupted state job programs generated more convictions than commerce, they refused to pass measures to raise the level of accountability and give New Yorkers more access and insight into government operations. Assembly Republicans have offered dozens of anti-corruption proposals, yet our Democratic counterparts have blocked everything from term limits to transparency bills. The refusal to address Albany’s most pressing issue is no longer acceptable. It’s time to act.  
Percoco’s sentence offers a measure of justice for everyday taxpayers whose interests rank far behind the politically connected and wealthy donors in Albany’s culture of corruption. But until real reform is passed, until the status quo changes, New Yorkers can expect to see the same sad story again.”

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