The Public Finance & Elections Commission

Creating a Public Finance and Elections Commission was a terrible idea from the very start - in principle, process and practice. It was another example of Democrats side-stepping their duty to govern, and handing off their responsibilities to a panel that has absolutely no accountability to the people of New York State.
Today, I join my Republican colleagues to support the legal efforts of the State Conservative Party and Working Families Party to put a merciful end to the unconstitutional charade being carried out by Democrats.

The misguided liberal narrative that taxpayer money should be spent on political campaigns demonstrates how out-of-touch they are with everyday New Yorkers. The idea that nine, unelected individuals will repeal laws and determine how to spend $100 million on campaign mailers, robocalls, or advertisements is not only unconstitutional, but completely unacceptable.
New York was recently ranked as the third least tax-friendly state in the country. Taxes should be directed only to measures that serve the public good. Basic needs like clean water, reliable infrastructure, a sound education system, emergency services and public safety are maintained through tax dollars – and often, those programs have barely enough funding to be adequately delivered. Diverting any public money to political campaigns insults over-burdened taxpayers. 
In addition, the same New York Democrats who pretend to be champions of choice and inclusion are now hell-bent on extinguishing the voices of third-parties and their supporters. It’s no surprise the governor and his political minions want to end fusion voting. However it’s disappointing that no other New York Democrats have the courage to stand up to them.
New Yorkers can only hope the court sees this compromised commission for what it is – a shameless political ploy and a disservice to the hardworking taxpayers of our state.

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