The Great New York State Fair Is ‘Summer’s Best In Show’

New York has a long history of beautiful natural resources, remarkable people and some of the finest products in the country. The Great New York State Fair allows farmers, business owners and residents to show off what makes New York special. The fair provides a chance to highlight New York’s thriving agriculture market, look back on some of the state’s amazing history, enjoy first-class entertainment and even recognize some of the many services New York State provides.
The Great New York State Fair kicks off Thursday, August 21 and runs through Labor Day on Monday, September 1 in Syracuse at 581 State Fair Boulevard.
There will be unique exhibits on display that showcase the scope of New York’s products and highlight its beauty. I would like to point out some of this year’s highlights and I hope you get a chance to see some of these for yourself.
The Wine, Beer & Cheese Seminars and Tasting Events in the Pride of NY Room will allow patrons to enjoy some of the finest wines and cheese in the country. New York has a long history as a leader in the industry and the fair offers an excellent opportunity to experience some of New York’s top-notch products. The seminars and events will take place in the back of the Horticulture Building and events will be held at 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. each day except for Labor Day. On Labor Day a beer tasting seminar will be held instead.
After you have sampled some of the fare, bring your family to the Agricultural & Carriage Museums and learn the history of an important part of New York’s development and growth. According to the fair’s website, a “fully furnished log cabin, demonstrations by local craftspeople and more than 50 horse-drawn vehicles,” will be featured.

Monday, August 25 is Dairy Day at the fair. Dairy is a major industry in New York and the fair’s exhibits pay tribute to the farmers, manufactures, processors and distributors, who have all contributed to make New York economically strong and diverse. There will be a milkshake contest, cheese auction, celebrity milking contest and much more.


This year’s major new attraction emphasizes the booming water-driven trade and commerce of a growing New York state as well as some of the unintended consequences of the industry. As a result of the increasing number of vessels, a massive collection of shipwrecks came to settle on the floor of the Great Lakes. This new exhibit will tell the stories of the ships and those who sailed on them and will be located at the State Park at the fair.
I also encourage all visitors to see the Veterans and 9/11 Memorial, which expanded in 2001 and unveiled new features the following year. The exhibit’s “eternal flame,” flag pole, bricks and stones commemorate the service of the U.S. military and are a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices servicemen and women have made. The 9/11 Memorial honors those who lost lives in the terrorist attacks in 2001 and is located between two portions of the Veterans Memorial.  
Visiting the New York State Police Exhibit is another great way to honor and recognize all of those who protect New Yorkers. A Mobile Response Team will demonstrate a “high angle rescue” and “tactical access” rappelling maneuver. Watching New York’s heroes in action is a great way to teach our children about their vital work and gives us a chance to appreciate their dedication.
New York’s economy is driven by hardworking people. Businesses, farmers, manufacturers and service providers are the backbone of our great state. Visiting the fair allows residents to appreciate the wide variety of products and services available in New York. While the fair is a great tourist attraction, its true value lies in showcasing the best of New York and affording all New Yorkers a chance to discover great local products and services. The exhibits listed above are just a small part of the fair. There are concerts, dining options and tons of other exhibits to explore. Be sure to visit a full list of the events.

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