The Federal Appeals Court Decision To Overturn Former Speaker Sheldon Silver’s Conviction

“Today’s Second Circuit decision shows that the golden age of Albany corruption is still very much alive.
This is a disappointing and embarrassing day in New York. Sheldon Silver was tried and convicted of fraud, extortion and money laundering. If his actions weren’t illegal, it’s hard to imagine what is.
The average New York household makes $59,000 a year. Sheldon Silver made $4 million by putting his office up for sale. A jury of his peers found him guilty of abusing his position. This is exactly why the public has absolutely no trust in elected officials or state government. He should be retried; justice must prevail.
For years, Albany has turned a blind eye to the stain of corruption and the institution of government has steadily eroded. It has never been more important to enact systemic ethics reforms like those put forward by the Assembly Minority Conference.
We will continue to fight corruption and call for changes to a shadow government that puts too much power in the hands of too few.”  

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