The Conviction Of Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos

“A second jury has now convicted a second legislative leader. Albany is out of second chances.
Over the past months, Dean Skelos and former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have not been the only ones facing judgment. Albany’s dysfunctional system was also put on trial, and the public saw an institution in which too few have had too much power for too long.  Two juries and two convictions have made things very clear to everyone in the State Capitol - it is time for dramatic change.
Every investigation, arrest and conviction of a public official has sounded an alarm on corruption. But Albany has responded to corruption alarms by hitting the snooze button each time. This year we must have a comprehensive and meaningful response to the issues that have eroded the public’s trust.
I guarantee that the Assembly Republican Conference will once again offer reforms to increase accountability, raise the level of transparency, and change the status quo. Those who lack the willingness to change the culture in Albany should be held accountable – by their constituents, by their peers, or if necessary, by a jury.”   

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