The Conviction Of Dean Skelos

“The conviction of a high-ranking public official would be shocking news in any other state, in any other circumstance. Unfortunately in New York, it’s simply déjà vu.
The guilty verdict handed down today against former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos marks another dark day in Albany and our already-fragile institution of government.
The daily agenda at the Capitol has grown increasingly reliant on backroom deals, a pay-to-play culture, and self-dealing mentality. The results speak for themselves – two former legislative leaders are going to prison, along with Gov. Cuomo’s closest aides. New York has firmly cemented itself as a national embarrassment.
For too long, too much power has rested in the hands of too few, and those who benefit from the status quo have resisted change at every turn. Solutions won’t come from the Cuomo administration, which has already proven to be corrupt and is still facing active investigations.
I’m proud the Assembly Minority has repeatedly introduced the most stringent anti-corruption reforms in Albany. Regrettably, our counterparts in the Majority have continued to stand in the way of necessary change. It is time that legislators come together to develop and pass meaningful reform. It’s time to finally end Albany’s Golden Age of Corruption. It’s time to act.”

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