The Conviction Of Alain Kaloyeros

“The conviction of Alain Kaloyeros on corruption crimes is business as usual in Andrew Cuomo’s Albany. Friends get favors, campaign accounts get fatter and taxpayers get the bill. Where do we go from here? New Yorkers might look to Gov. Cuomo’s own words from 2016, since they apply perfectly to the blatant corruption outlined in the Buffalo Billion trial:

‘… management failed to understand that taxpayer money deserves the highest protection.’


‘Scandal seldom begins with evil, but with temptation, and temptation usually begins 
with a lack of watchfulness.’

Also true.

‘Honesty is a virtue, but in organizations, it is a culture, 
and it starts at the top, with leadership.’

Hear, hear. 

‘When leadership forgets this, it’s time to change leadership.’

Couldn’t agree more.
Change in Albany is long overdue. Despite the governor’s prior soundbites, corruption has only become more prevalent on his watch. Each guilty verdict is not only an indictment of the individuals abusing their power and position, but a reflection on the pay-to-play culture which enables the behavior. There appears to be no end in sight for Albany’s corruption crisis.” 

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