The Assembly Majority’s Candidates And Process For A New Speaker

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua) today issued the following statement on the candidates and process being considered to elect a new Assembly Speaker: 

“Three weeks ago, Assembly Democrats knowingly and enthusiastically elected a Speaker who was under an active federal investigation for corruption of public office.

They were aware of the risk. They knew the potential outcome. But they ignored common sense and the needs of New Yorkers. As a result of their decision, the work of the Assembly has come to an embarrassing and inexcusable halt.

With another election for Assembly Speaker approaching, Democrats have a responsibility to put forward candidates who are free of all ethical, legal or criminal concerns. Their candidates must be beyond reproach. Failure to place the highest priority on integrity would destroy any remaining trust the public has in state government – assuming some still exists.

While this seems intuitive, Assembly Democrats have shown a complete disregard for reforms and attempts to address the culture of corruption in Albany. They have blocked every Republican-sponsored, anti-corruption proposal put in front of them. They have rejected term limits, pension forfeitures, spending limits on campaign accounts and several other measures.

The need for dramatic change is overdue. The time for action and reform is now. Whether or not Assembly Democrats agree will be demonstrated by the qualifications and credentials of their candidates for speaker.” 

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