The 2020-2021 State Budget Fails New Yorkers Who Desperately Needed A Win

“Because I’m not seeking re-election in the fall, this is the last state budget I’ll vote on. It’s a doozy.

“We’re in the middle of an unprecedented public health crisis that has decimated our economy, crushed small businesses and put hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers out of work. It’s deeply disappointing that Democrats jammed so many policies into this budget that will make it even harder for businesses to survive. They know our restaurants are trying desperately to keep their doors open by continuing to offer takeout orders. Instead of giving them a break, they hit them with a new, costly mandate- they banned Styrofoam containers. It could negatively impact employment levels in our own community. Pactiv in Canandaigua and Commodore in Bloomfield are outstanding manufacturing firms that produce these recyclable, polystyrene products. At a time when ten million Americans are out of work, why are Democrats harassing businesses that make their products in America and fight to keep their neighbors on the payroll?

“The Assembly Democrats refused to promote tax and regulatory relief. They blocked an amendment presented by our Conference that would’ve provided emergency help to small businesses and workers impacted by coronavirus across the state. And while neighboring states like Pennsylvania support flourishing natural gas sectors that have created thousands of jobs, Democrats have permanently slammed the door on hydrofracking, robbing New Yorkers of a proven avenue for economic recovery.

“For years, I’ve encouraged my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in both houses to embrace our status as a co-equal branch of government with the executive. Democrats didn’t heed the message. They gave the governor sweeping powers to cut budgetary funds throughout the upcoming year with minimal opportunity for legislative oversight. They gave the governor unilateral authority to site solar and wind projects and trampled over local control and home-rule in the process. Rather than make hard choices during a hard budget year, Democrats instead chose to trade their voice in exchange for avoiding accountability.

 “Time and time again, the governor and Senate and Assembly Democrats promoted misplaced priorities. Rather than strengthen our healthcare system in the middle of a global pandemic, they allocated $100 million for taxpayer-funded political campaigns. They cut funds for our local libraries yet found $400 million in corporate giveaways for Hollywood film studios.

“And if anyone can tell me why passing an emergency budget in the middle of a public health crisis should involve changing the state flag, I’d be happy to hear their explanation.”

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