Summer Reading And Math Practice Keeps Kids Sharp

There is no doubt the hard work and dedication New York’s amazing children put into their studies has earned them all a well-deserved break this summer. School can be rigorous and often times stressful, and it is important to give young minds a chance to recharge before the start of another academic year. However, there are some important things transitioning students can do during the summer to be ready for September. By actively reading and practicing math, students can help ensure the beginning of the next school year goes a little smoother and is more productive.
While there is plenty of time for recreational sports, vacationing, swimming and relaxing during the summer months, there are also many opportunities to read books, newspapers, and magazines. There will be many assignments during the academic year that require reading and not every student will be enthralled by every assignment. I recommend all students take this opportunity during the summer to explore areas they are interested in, as well as some areas they may know little about. Summer is a great time for adventuring both outdoors and in the pages of a good book.
Parents can help encourage their children to read by setting a good example and taking some time to indulge in summer reading as well. Reading together can be a great family activity. Some information about summer reading can be found at and
As we move toward an increasingly technology-driven world, it is especially important children are proficient in math and science. By doing some basic math problems during the summer, in addition to reading, students will more quickly be able to jump into their upcoming course work. Kids can practice their math skills at the grocery store, by adding the mileage driven on vacation or even counting their change from the ice cream truck. A little practice will help make the early part of the year a little easier and cut down on review time.
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