Statement From Minority Leader Brian Kolb

“New York taxpayers should not be forced to fund political campaigns. 

Hard-working people already dealing with one of the nation’s worst tax climates are now being asked to pay for robocalls, campaign mailers and political ads. It shows how out-of-touch Democrats are with the lives of everyday New Yorkers. 

The process and mission of this Commission were hijacked early on, fueled by the governor’s personal vendetta against minor party lines. 

There may have been some small gains, but this Commission was an effort to extinguish the voices of third parties, a rigged process that favors the status quo and Democrats in power, and another way for Albany to dig deeper into the pockets of taxpayers. 

We haven’t leveled the playing field or created any more accountability from the most affluent, aggressive and active donors - SuperPACs and well-funded unions.

We have a final Commission report. But we also have constitutional questions and an active court case. This won’t be the final conversation on campaign finance.”

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