Speaking On Today's Rules Reforms Proposed by The Assembly Majority

“The reforms offered by the Assembly Majority might help build a better 
website, but they don’t do enough to rebuild the public’s trust. Term 
limits for leaders and committee chairs are still noticeably absent in 
our house. Legislation with 76 sponsors carries enough support to pass 
an up-or-down vote, but can still be blocked from ever seeing the floor 
of the Assembly.

Members of the Assembly Majority proposed several rules reforms today 
that they voted against two months ago. Let’s hope the actual reforms 
create more efficiencies than the process it took to get here.

While I am pleased that a number of Minority-sponsored measures were 
included in the recommendations, it’s discouraging the final product 
doesn’t appear to include the type of substance one should expect from a 
year-long endeavor.

Any steps toward changing the culture in Albany are worthwhile. But 
these recommendations still fall woefully short of facilitating the 
dramatic change we need.”

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