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In my last two columns, I’ve outlined how important it is for my colleagues in both houses and on both sides of the aisle to return to Albany and get to work. Thousands of businesses have been shuttered, and thousands of families are still out of work across the state. We should be in Albany working on bipartisan solutions that provide emergency economic aid and, critically, chart a more responsible fiscal course moving forward. Our balance sheet needs to be much more resilient the next time an economic downturn happens.

As your assemblyman, I’ll continue urging my colleagues to join me in getting back to work. However, there are things many of us can do that don’t require government authorization to improve our local economies- we can make it a point of emphasis to invest in them and keep dollars in our local communities.

If you’ve been able to keep working during the pandemic and you’re considering a meal out or enjoying takeout, order from a family-owned, local restaurant. If you’re working on a home improvement project, consider shopping at a local hardware store instead of a national chain.  Consider starting your holiday shopping at local specialty stores on Main Street instead of jumping right to Amazon.

There are a lot of ways we can shop local that we might not immediately consider. Consider opening an account with a locally-chartered bank or credit union. If there is a family-owned pharmacy near you, why not ask your doctor if you can fill your prescriptions there?

If you’re reading this online, why not treat yourself to a subscription to the print version of this newspaper?

If we all make a quick audit of how we make most of our purchases and take just a little bit of time to investigate how we can keep more of those dollars in our community, it can make a big difference to the small business owners who are fighting to keep their doors open and the employees they’re fighting to keep on the payroll.

What do you think? I want to hear from you. Send me your feedback, suggestions and ideas regarding this or any other issue facing New York State. You can always contact my district office at (315) 781-2030, email me at [email protected], or find me by searching for Assemblyman Brian Kolb on Facebook. 

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