Reflecting On Tragedy

This week, we mark a day that lives in infamy, a wound for all American families. Nineteen years ago, the September 11 attacks changed our country forever. Evil of that magnitude had not come to our shores since Pearl Harbor.

We lost thousands of innocent lives. We were a nation under attack. The horrifying actions of men from half a world away represented the worst of what human beings are capable of. They sowed death, terror and war. They spread fear and suffering.

It’s essential for all Americans to reflect on the gravity of this loss. To remember that each victim in those towers was a real human being with friends and loved ones and not just a statistic. We pray for them, and we pray for the families they left behind.

While we’ll never forget the immeasurable loss of 9/11, we should also remember what we gained- American heroes.

The first responders, police officers and firefighters who put their lives on the line to save strangers from unspeakable horror represent the best of what we’re capable of. We showed the world that Americans, and especially New Yorkers, are stronger together.  We’re tough. In the face of adversity, we won’t back down. That’s the spirit that powered our relief and rebuilding efforts. It’s a spirit of unity and patriotism that we could use more of today.

We will never forget the lives that were taken from us on 9/11. May God bless you all as you reflect, grieve and pray.

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