Offering Halloween Safety Tips For Area Families

“Halloween is one of the most festive and enjoyable days for children and families, but must be done safely and responsibly. As families around the Finger Lakes get ready for trick-or-treating and holiday festivities, they should take some important steps to ensure we all have the safest Halloween possible,” Leader Kolb said.   
Here are some suggestions for a successful night of trick-or-treating:

  • Choose a light-colored costume that can be easily seen at night. Add reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape to the front and back of the costume and to the trick-or-treat bag.
  • Swords, canes and sticks that are part of a child's costume should not be sharp or too long. A child could be injured if they stumble or trip.
  • Each trick-or-treater and companion should carry flashlights with new batteries.
  • If older children are going out without adult supervision, they should travel with a group of friends, agree on a planned route and set a time when they should return.
  • Children should only visit houses with porch lights on and never go into a home or approach a car for treats.
  • To keep homes safe for visitors, remove anything a child could trip over, such as hoses, toys, lawn decorations and bikes.
  • Avoid decorative contact lenses without first talking to an eye-care professional. Using decorative contact lenses without a prescription can cause pain, inflammation, eye disorders and infections.
  • Drivers should take extra time, drive slowly and be especially aware of trick-or-treaters.  Also, do not pass stopped vehicles – as parents could be dropping off children.

For other Halloween safety tips, visit:
 “For those of you not trick-or-treating, please remember to be cautious of those who are, especially while driving. Motorists often have trouble seeing trick-or-treaters, so please be extra careful on the road. Remember, no texting and driving – everyone’s safety is our priority. With these safety measures in place, I am certain we will all enjoy a safe and happy Halloween,” Leader Kolb said.

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