My Thoughts On The Recently-Passed Budget Extender

“A late budget is a failure of state government to meet one of its basic responsibilities. Today’s emergency budget extender is a disappointing and dysfunctional reminder that after three full months, Albany has achieved next to nothing.
An extender should include only measures that are essential to continue the work of government. Unfortunately, legislation considered today will put New Yorkers in harm’s way and is littered with policies that have no place in such a bill. Without the authority to modify the governor’s proposal, legislators were forced to consider a bill that:

  • fails to provide school districts with financial information, forcing schools to create budgets in the dark, which puts local property taxpayers at risk;
  • directs millions toward gimmick economic development projects, but there is not one dollar to help direct-care workers – as was promised; and
  • saddles future generations of New Yorkers with billions in new debt and borrowing without voter approval or public review.                                                                            

Governing for two months by emergency extender is ludicrous. It is a disservice to the people we represent. It creates enormous uncertainty, for taxpayers, schools, health care providers and municipalities.
Albany’s budget-making process is disgraceful. It has become weighed down by partisan political agendas and has reached an unprecedented level of secrecy. Perhaps if eyes were focused more intently on the business at home and less on Washington D.C., New Yorkers would already have a responsible spending plan for the coming fiscal year.”  

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