My Statement On The NY Times' Moreland Commission Report

“The Moreland Commission was never the right approach – in its formation and now, apparently, in how it operated. The only real way to address public corruption is through permanent legislation that makes lasting reforms.

Assembly Republicans introduced ‘The Public Officers Accountability Act’ (A.7393), which calls for term limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs, campaign finance and member-item reforms, removing pensions from convicted officials, and replacing the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) with a truly independent integrity panel.

As I expressed to the Governor in 2013, legislative action offers permanent solutions. Commissions and task forces have a beginning and end. Details regarding the Moreland Commission’s activity as reported in the New York Times portray a complete failure to the people of New York. The investigative body charged with rooting out public corruption appears to have been compromised, interfered with, and steered in directions to protect political interests.

Despite carefully orchestrated promotion and promises, the Commission fell woefully short of its mission and has likely created even greater distrust of public officials. The disturbing accounts of Moreland Commission activity only reinforce the immediate need to implement anti-corruption measures that actually restore the public’s confidence.”

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