Meeting With Statewide Advocacy Groups On “Small Business Day”


Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua) today met with small-business owners and advocacy groups to discuss the successes and struggles they face as part of “Small Business Day” at the Capitol. Leader Kolb also met with representatives from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to discuss legislative priorities that will help protect and promote New York’s small businesses.
“Albany’s maze of rules and regulations has stymied small business growth for too long. This is a troubling trend that can and must be reversed,” said Leader Kolb. “As I listened to and talked with small-business owners today, their message was clear: the economy can’t grow unless small businesses grow. During this year’s state budget process, it’s imperative the Legislature and Gov. Cuomo find ways to cut red tape and burdensome taxes that have prevented New York’s small businesses from growing and flourishing.”
Leader Kolb, the only legislative leader who has owned and run a successful business, recently introduced the ‘Small Business Full Employment Act,’ a plan to bring immediate and long-term success to small businesses. Supported by the NFIB, the legislation includes a number of provisions that would provide tax and regulatory relief to small-business owners, including a 10 percent Personal Income Tax exemption, tax credits and a repeal of the onerous 18-A energy tax.
“My comprehensive legislation sets the bar when it comes to providing the real tax and regulatory relief New York’s small businesses are clamoring for and deserve. In contrast, the governor’s misguided tax cut proposal would impact less than 10 percent of the state’s small businesses, accounting for $32 million in tax breaks. That’s insulting and irresponsible considering Hollywood studios and movie executives were given $420 million,” Leader Kolb said.
Leader Kolb also noted that some of the most innovative and impactful small- business relief proposals originated in the Assembly Minority Conference.
“The Assembly Minority Conference has always been the champion of small- business issues. From supporting the ‘Biz-Boom’ program to eliminate business income taxes for new companies, and ‘Grow NY,’ which will assist entrepreneurs to launch and grow their ideas, we have and will continue to stand strong with New York’s small businesses,” Leader Kolb concluded.

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