My Thoughts On Board Of Elections Enforcement Counsel

“Add the State’s Board of Elections to the list of government entities claiming integrity and independence, but having none. The Chief Enforcement Counsel’s interactions with the Governor’s Office represent the exact opposite of what was promised to the Legislature and what is expected from that position. 
Campaigns of Republican candidates are operating under an oversight unit working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Democratic Executive Chamber. The blatant disregard for objectivity would be comical if it wasn’t so completely troubling.
Ms. Sugarman employs a member of the Governor’s staff and expects us to believe her office remains independent? That’s insulting to voters and to the mission of the office.
New York government has been plagued by investigations, arrests and abuses of public office. Between the Moreland Commission and today’s BOE revelation, the steps taken to clean up Albany have only brought us further away from a solution.”

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