Governor's State Of The State Address

“Yesterday’s State of the State address was predictably more bluster than substance. The governor’s White House dreams seem more ambitious than the agenda being set for New York. 
The exaggerated fear mongering regarding every federal action in Washington D.C. may help build a national campaign profile, but it fails to acknowledge that the issues really hurting New Yorkers are self-inflicted wounds. Residents and businesses are leaving in droves because Albany hasn’t adequately addressed longstanding issues. Heading into the 2018 Legislative Session, we still face many of the same problems that have plagued our state for years, such as:

  • the nation’s highest tax burden;
  • a massive budget deficit;
  • upstate job growth that lags far behind the rest of the country;
  • alarming outmigration where more than 1 million New Yorkers have left the state since 2010;
  • an oppressive and punishing business climate;
  • an infrastructure crisis that’s damaging the quality of life for millions; and
  • five corruption trials that will highlight the worst of what Albany has become. 

The governor rightly pointed out the need to address student loan debt, the opioid crisis, improving public safety and eliminating sexual harassment. The Assembly Minority Conference looks forward to building on our common ground and devising solutions to these issues.
However, we need decisive action that will reduce the cost of living for families, provide overdue assistance for job creators, reduce the burden of crushing unfunded mandates which drive up property taxes and earn back the trust of New Yorkers. Those are among the priorities the Assembly Minority Conference will fight for this year on behalf of the people we represent.”

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