Governor’s Reopening Delay An Insult To Suffering New Yorkers

“Families in our district are enduring painful economic hardship. Small businesses built over generations are going bankrupt. The governor told good people that they had to stop working. His Department of Labor has left thousands of them hanging out to dry. And just when many of them were preparing to return to work and get their lives back on track, the governor changed the rules at the 11th hour.

“The governor’s last-minute decision to suspend Phase II of his reopening process was outrageous. His unwillingness to communicate transparently and respectfully with county officials, municipal leaders and small business owners in the private sector was outrageous. And his reliance on so-called “international experts” over the local leaders he tasked with tracking data, coordinating with public health officials and re-opening our local economies safely is insulting. He’s more interested in giving himself political cover than helping hardworking people who are suffering.

“Moving forward, these decisions should be made by the local leaders who know their communities. The governor doesn’t have any credibility,” said Kolb.

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