Governor’s Education Rhetoric Is Wrong For Our Kids

 “One of the reasons why many of us have been able to remain hopeful during an unprecedented crisis is that we understand these emergency restrictions to be temporary. To hear the governor question the long-term wisdom and viability of having children gather in schools was, quite frankly, chilling. No one- not teachers, not students, not parents, not legislators- want the governor and Bill Gates to radically “reimagine” our entire statewide education system. Both the governor and Bill Gates have championed rigorous testing regimes, placed blind faith in un-elected bureaucrats and stifled the creativity and independence of teachers and local school districts.

“I can’t believe I even need to say this, but our kids belong in school. They should be making friends. They should be working together to solve problems. They should be playing sports together, making music together and learning life skills together. To suggest otherwise is completely out of touch. Right now, what we want more than anything is to get back to doing what’s best for our children,” said Kolb. 

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