Gov. Cuomo Walking Back New License Plate Plan

“New Yorkers made it abundantly clear Gov. Cuomo’s transparent money grab would not be tolerated. There is simply no acceptable justification for charging drivers $25 to replace something that costs nearly nothing to produce and doesn’t need to be replaced in the first place. 
The public, the Legislature and elected officials from across the state saw through this unnecessary tax – which was masquerading as an art contest – and helped to secure a victory for New York drivers by pushing back against this ill-conceived plan. I am proud to have sponsored legislation to protect residents from blatant administrative fleecing.
Any future plans with respect to cashless tolling, new license plates or taxes and fees associated with them must be crafted with sensitivity to the fact that New Yorkers are facing one of the worst tax climates in America. If you’re going to take someone’s hard-earned money, you need a much better reason than an excuse to fill state coffers.”

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