Gov. Cuomo’s Proposed Executive Order On Minimum Wage

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua) today issued the following statement on Gov. Cuomo’s proposed executive action mandating fast food establishments to raise their minimum wage. 
“It is not the role of the governor to tell private-sector industries that they must operate in a way that aligns with his specific political agenda.
Gov. Cuomo is undermining representatives elected by the people of New York. He is attempting to implement public policy by himself, usurping authority from the Legislature. Trying to govern by Executive Order is the same type of misguided approach that President Obama has proven to be ill advised and ineffective.
New York’s minimum wage has been considered by the Legislature and another increase will occur at the end of this year. The governor has offered one minimum wage proposal that will create harmful regional disparities between upstate and downstate. His latest ploy is even more divisive, setting a single set of rules for one industry while all others operate under different standards.”

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