Gov. Cuomo’s Insult To American Greatness

“For Andrew Cuomo to say America ‘was never that great’ is inexcusable and reprehensible. America is the greatest country in the world, and an apology is in order.
You can dislike the President. You can disagree with his policies. You can mock his slogans. But to demean America’s greatness insults our history, our ideals, and the people from all walks of life who have built this nation. The governor continues to blur the lines between governing and campaigning, and his rhetoric has now reached an alarming new low.
Andrew Cuomo has enjoyed an ‘American Dream’ kind of privilege that few can comprehend. It’s disgraceful that an elected official who has benefitted so greatly from American prosperity, democracy and diversity now feels compelled to bite the hand that has fed him so well.” 

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