Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order On Parolee Voting

“Gov. Cuomo’s latest political Hail Mary isn’t merely bad policy, it is a direct circumvention of existing law. Granting parolees voting rights was never a priority until the governor saw his poll numbers drop and a formidable primary challenger arise.
Murderers, rapists and abusers, who made a choice to break the law, don’t deserve to vote until their entire sentences are served – including parole. Unfortunately, the governor is more focused on taking care of criminals, while law-abiding citizens are taxed out of the state and watch their freedoms continue to erode.
Unilaterally creating or changing laws isn’t leadership and isn’t governing. The Executive Order issued today is an end-run around the state Legislature and insults the democratic process. Predictably, this is what happens when personal aspirations are put ahead of the public good. 
For seven years, this administration has treated public input, transparency and the legislative process as inconveniences. Today’s Executive Order isn’t about voting rights or turnout. It’s about political pandering. Voters stay home when their voices are stifled or when they believe their government is corrupt and dysfunctional. In that regard, there has been no greater suppressor of public participation than Andrew Cuomo.”

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