Farmers’ Markets Offer Great Products, Boost Local Economy

The taste of fresh, healthy and locally-grown produce is truly a one-of-a-kind pleasure. By patronizing local farmers’ markets we can boost the regional economy and support our friends and neighbors who work tirelessly to bring the finest local products from their farms to our kitchens.
Taking your family shopping at a local farmers’ market can also help teach New York’s youngsters about the importance of healthy eating and agriculture. Not to mention it’s a fun way to enjoy the great weather and beautiful landscapes that define the Finger Lakes Region.
The increasing popularity of New York’s farmers’ markets is undoubtedly due to the high quality of products available. The variety of goods, from fruits and vegetables to crafts and other homemade items, cannot be understated, either. The diverse selection and the unique experiences offered at each market are truly assets. The recent success of these markets is a testament to both their quality and to New Yorkers’ dedication to supporting the agriculture industry.
New York has a booming wine and cheese industry as well, and Finger Lakes products have garnered attention and recognition for their quality. I encourage you all to take the time to sample some of these amazing products. By continuing to support the local agriculture and viticulture industries, we will ensure their growth and create a win-win environment for farmers and consumers alike.
There are lots of resources to help decide where to go shopping this summer, and we are fortunate to live in a region that boasts and abundance of options. Agriculture has always been one of New York’s cornerstone industries, and local farmers’ markets are the perfect way to celebrate that history while providing your family with some of the best products anywhere in the state.
A few examples of helpful websites are and Also, this Finger Lakes Wine Country site has some great features to help narrow your search. Be sure to check hours and availability when planning a visit.
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