Experience The Finger Lakes This Fall Season

There are countless reasons to love the Finger Lakes Region, and some of the best ones come as the leaves begin to drop and air turns cool and crisp. There’s something truly magical about the Finger Lakes Region when the leaves start to change from green to beautiful hues of red and orange.
For those inclined, you can keep track of the best times and places to see the seasons change from summer to fall with this helpful foliage report. The Finger Lakes Region hasn’t peaked yet so there is still some time to plan a trip. Be sure to use this handy New York Leaf Identifier in your travels. Leaf peeping is a great opportunity to practice science, biology and research skills with children, too.
Simply put, the region is stunning, and it has grown into a world-class tourist destination thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of the region’s viticulture experts and farmers. We are also blessed with magnificent natural resources and the hardest-working small business owners in New York.
Specifically, Finger Lakes wine country offers those enjoying the area award-winning beverages that seem to get better each year. For those social media savvy wine lovers, share your photos and experiences at #MYFLX; the photos this time of year accentuate the best aspects of the region.
Further, Bristol Mountain offers daily Fall Sky Rides through October 27, and there are plenty of other exciting events from apple picking to hay rides to fall festivities listed on the Seneca County and Ontario County websites.
The benefits of spending time in the Finger Lakes surpass merely enjoying its vibrant colors; they extend to everyone here. With each day spent here, with each shop or farm or business visited, the local economy grows healthier and stronger. Communities count on local customer support. The Finger Lakes has thrived as a tourist destination, but so much of its success has been dependent on neighbors supporting neighbors.
Small businesses are the backbone of New York, and by giving them business you help them grow and give them a critical consumer endorsement of their products. Take a moment to spend some time in the region this fall, from leaf peeping to wine touring; it is truly a special place to visit.
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