Child Passenger Safety Must Not Be Overlooked

Protecting New Yorkers has been a consistent priority for me during my time as a legislator and legislative leader. As elected leaders, it’s is our most important responsibility. Children are especially vulnerable, and we must ensure they are adequately protected and that those who care for them are adequately informed.
For this reason, I am proud to co-sponsor a critical vehicle safety event aligned with the New York State Department of Health’s child passenger safety initiative. National Child Passenger Safety Week runs from September 13 to 19. I urge all of you to take this opportunity to learn about the importance of properly using child restraints. A little bit of knowledge and information can go a long way to save lives.
With the start of the school year, most families are spending more time on the roadways transporting children from one venue to another. As statistics show, it is imperative that every precaution is taken to protect our kids in the event of a vehicle accident. 
According to information from the United Way, motor vehicle crashes are one of the top causes of death for children ages 1 to 12. While many parents and caregivers assume they are correctly using child restraints in cars, many are actually doing so incorrectly. In fact, three out of every four children are at an increased risk of injury due to improperly-used child restraints.
Along with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office and the United Way of Ontario County, I am happy to raise awareness about this critical issue and help New Yorkers stay informed about selecting and using child restraints properly. Together, we are sponsoring a free car seat checkup on Saturday, September 12 at the Eastview Mall in Victor.
There are a number of online resources available to help parents and caregivers who are interested in learning more about child passenger safety. For more information about child restraints, visit
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