Brittany's Law Will Save Lives

One of the most critical functions of state government is keeping New Yorkers safe. As legislators, one of our fundamental missions is to create laws that protect all residents from harm. Unfortunately, there are people who mean to do harm to families, children and others, which necessitates action on our behalf. I have pushed so hard for the life-saving measure known as Brittany’s Law, which would create a registry of violent felony offenders similar to the sex offender registry created through Megan’s Law.
I have been an advocate and co-sponsor of Brittany’s Law since 2011, when it was first introduced in the Assembly. Brittany’s Law is named after Brittany Passalacqua, a 12-year-old girl who was tragically murdered in 2009 along with her mother, Helen Buchel, in Geneva, New York. The two were killed by John Edward Brown, who was on parole after serving time for violently assaulting his infant daughter six years earlier. Ms. Buchel was unaware of Brown’s history of violence. I firmly believe that had a registry of violent offenders been in place, this tragic crime, and hundreds more across the state, could have been avoided.
In each of the past three years, Brittany’s Law was passed in the Senate thanks to the hard work of Sen. Mike Nozzolio. Working alongside Sen. Nozzolio and with members of Brittany’s family, we have made progress in getting more and more support for the legislation, and making people aware of its importance. Sadly, the bill has inexcusably languished in the Assembly for more than three years despite bi-partisan support in both houses.
While the Senate has recognized the importance of Brittany’s Law, the Assembly Majority has been an obstacle to improved public protection and greater safety in New York.  Passing this legislation (A.8916, Gunther, Kolb), which currently sits in the Assembly Correction Committee, is the right thing to do for the citizens of this state.
We need to enact this bill before the end of the 2014 legislative session. Passage of Brittany’s Law would be an enormous step toward making New York a safer place to live, work and raise a family. It is the most important public safety measure we can deliver. It is our responsibility as lawmakers to enact measures that will make communities better, prevent crimes and ultimately save lives. Victims of violent crimes deserve this law.
What do you think? I want to hear from you. Send me your feedback, suggestions and ideas regarding this or any other issue facing New York State. You can always contact my district office at (315) 781-2030, e-mail me at, find me by searching for Assemblyman Brian Kolb on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

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