Assembly Majority Clings To Status-Quo, Rejects Common-Sense Reforms

Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I,Ref-Canandaigua) today criticized the Majority Conference for blocking 12 common-sense reform proposals aimed at creating more transparent, fair and effective Assembly procedures.
“Assembly Democrats are quick to preach about equality, but refuse to actually practice it when they come to work,” Leader Kolb said. “Today, we put forward necessary, reasonable and non-partisan reforms, all of which were rejected. It’s not the first time the Majority has turned its back on transparency and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Once again, they have insisted on desperately clinging to a broken status quo.”
In 2015, the Majority Conference voted against Republican-sponsored reforms, convened a workgroup that missed its own deadline to produce recommendations, and eventually offered a list of reform measures – some of which they had previously voted against.
“The public has demanded change in government and deserves change in Albany,” Leader Kolb added. “Today, we had the opportunity to limit the accumulation of power in the Assembly and return some of it to the people we represent. I hope Majority members come to their senses and commit to rebuilding trust in government.”   
The reforms proposed today by the Assembly Minority include: 

  • Implement eight-year term limits for the Assembly Speaker, Majority Leader and Minority Leader;
  • Implement eight-year term limits for committee chairs;
  • Require any bill or resolution with 76 sponsors or more be sent to the Floor for a vote;
  • Allow each member of the Assembly, during each two-year term, to bring one piece of legislation of his or her choosing to the Floor for a vote; and
  • Require equal funding for every member’s individual office, regardless of party affiliation or seniority.

A list of rules reforms proposed by the Assembly Minority is below.

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